Fast Fridge

This was my final project for the course Food and Emerging Technologies. I was assigned to cover a food system problem and technology-based solution. The issue I decided to tackle was food waste. Check out how our food waste can be converted into frozen meals!


Food Waste into Frozen Meals!

Using the word “waste” indicates that there’s no longer a use for a product. With technology advancing and AI becoming a part of our everyday lives, I want to introduce a new product that combines the two and redirects people’s perspective of their leftover foods. With a reduction of food waste into a form of a new meal, people will eat out less and be encouraged to cook more at home without the fear of tossing out the remains. A potential solution for this issue is by improving our current Smart Fridge made by Samsung by adding an element rapid freezing and smart cameras to create frozen meals from food scraps. Since this device will be seen in places such as homes, restaurants, and offices, there will be an overall reduction in food waste. With the frozen meals, people can either eat it when in a rush or donate it to those in need.